Photo: Taken by myself on a Canon 700d, Krakow Town Centre 2017. 

The past few years I feel have been rather difficult. Maybe difficult isn’t the right word, perhaps even a little bit overdramatic. What I mean is that in your early twenties I feel immense pressure and confusion to make decisions.

See the thing is, I want my own space, I want to move out but then there’s the decision of renting or saving for a mortgage. I want a stable and growing career, but also to enjoy it. Perhaps what I want in life is a risk, a job that isn’t conventional and something you can’t just qualify for and then do. My degree is in English and Media, it made sense to me at the time, I enjoy reading and writing, I love film, images and videography. To me the perfect job would be blogging full time, not for the PR packages or the good pay packet or even the attention. It’s a job that is filled with everything I enjoy. But I’ll never take that risk to just quit a job and go for it. I’m not that brave.

So that leaves me to a point where you ask yourself, so what now? What exactly do you take the risk for? I haven’t quite figured that out just yet.

One thing I do know is that before I settle down into anything, I want to explore. This world has so much to offer, and I want to experience it all. Push myself to my limits. So that’s what I have decided. I decided to finally do it, after talking about travelling with my boyfriend since we first met, now felt like the perfect time to go.

On January 2nd, I will be travelling South- East Asia for 3 months, so longer than a holiday but not long enough to feel like I’m gone forever. Just enough to experience somewhere else.

Life is confusing during your early-twenties, and I wrote this post to get it all off my chest and to see if anyone else could relate. Sometimes you have to follow your heart, and just think fuck it, life is too short, there’s plenty of time to worry about careers and a place to make a home. 

There’s so many more experiences to have, more people to meet and food to taste. Sometimes we forget how young we really are, when I’m 60, I want to look back and remember these experiences, that’s why I decided to take some time from work, to be twenty something and make memories.

I hope some of you might think the same, stop stressing and have fun.

I’ll be posting mine and my boyfriends adventures online, if it’s something you’d like to see, then I will share our social and website with you.

Emma :)

I caved and I bought the new Fendy Beauty products, but can you blame me? I'd watched like 4 review videos on YouTube and I was convinced that I needed it in my life.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, base make up is literally the most important part of any make up look. Yes, you can have eyeshadows that slay and eyebrows on point, but it doesn't matter if your base isn't quite right. So this range is right up my street! 

I was going to order it online but thought I'd rather go in store and give it a proper look, At first I thought I was going to be shade 170 or 190 in the foundation but boy was I wrong, I ended up going for the 150- let's just reflect on how pale I actually am. This foundation does dry a little bit darker so that is something to remember. 

Next I went for the trio sticks, I think these are good value for money as you get three for £46, whereas if you buy them individually they are priced at £21 each. I went for the lightest shades, they are creamy, so easy to blend and even more importantly they do what they say! My face looked defined and concealed, so what more could I want.

I went a bit crazy when it came to highlighters and ended up buying two as well as the brush. I felt like I couldn't get Fenty beauty without getting the trophy wife colour- despite the sales assistant insisting this wouldn't suit my skin tone. I thought it would be perfect for the inner corners of my eyes! I also bought the double highlighter in the lightest shades and this is amazing.. a little really goes a long way!

If you'd like to see a full video of me using the products and my thoughts then just click below! 

Have you bought any of the products? What are your thoughts?

Emma :)

When it comes to makeup, I've always been interested in foundation. For me, it's the most important part of any make up look- if it's wrong, it's wrong. There's no clawing back a bad base. I don't know if it's the same for everyone else, maybe you're more interested in your eyeshadow or your eyebrows, but when you've suffered with acne for years as a teenager, any sort of cover up is a blessing.

My skin has changed quite a lot over the years, from really oily to dry, to combination (which is where I'm at now.) So once I find the right foundation, I don't tend to change it much. For the past year or two, I've been using Too Faced Born This Way- which is also absolutely amazing so check it out if you haven't. I had no reason to change from it, other than the fact I stumbled into Sephora in Dubai and found myself at the Tarte section. I'd hear about their Under The Sea foundation but they didn't have it in store, and the lovely sales assistant was showing me the Amazonian Clay Foundation instead. It is oil free, and felt so lightweight as soon as she put it on my skin. The coverage and matte look was exactly what I wanted and so I wanted to know more about the range!

About ten minutes later, I ended up with the primer, the brush and the foundation and I left Sephora so happy! I felt confident and yet, not full of makeup. My skin can breathe with these products, and it actually doesn't move from my face. Even though I don't suffer from severe acne anymore, I always want to have a good coverage foundation and I honestly can't recommend this one more. It's hard to buy in the UK as we don't have any stores where you can have a colour match, but if you want to buy it online then just click here.

I know the base of your make up can be boring but it's so important! What's your favourite make up product?

Emma :) 

We all have one thing that we're fond of, whether it's football, handbags or collecting CDs. Whatever it may be, there is something that makes us happy. For me, it's always been travelling. Don't get me wrong, there are a few things in life that make me happy- good company, food, lusting over handbags and movies. But when it comes to travelling it's something else entirely, it's experiencing something for the first time. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and when I say travelling I don't necessarily mean backpacking, more like the Hilton in Dubai but still.. you get what I mean.

So do I actually have a point here? To be honest, not really. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my recent trip abroad because why not, maybe it will inspire you to go.

Where did I actually go then? If you haven't guessed it from the pictures above (no worries if you didn't) I visited Dubai and Bali this Summer with my boyfriend. I flew from Manchester to Dubai, spent four days there, travelled from Dubai to Bali, spent a week there, then back to Dubai for three days, before flying home. That was tiring just to type so you can imagine how the flights were long and boring. But more importantly, was it worth it? Going all that way and spending all that money.

I'm just going to focus on Dubai today as I honestly still can't make my mind up on whether I loved it or not. In the run up to the holiday I spent forever ordering and trying on clothes before sending them all back because I really didn't know what was acceptable. I wanted to be respectful of their culture but I was also very aware of how hot Dubai is. I ended up settling on some maxi dresses (one of which actually broke while we were out- nightmare!) and some flowy pants. So that's tip number one, if you're going, I advise you go for these types of clothes as otherwise, you were looked at quite strangely. I also opted for a scarf to wrap around my shoulders and I was so glad that I brought it with me because whenever I removed/ adjusted it, I felt really out of place.

Dubai is hot. I mean I knew it was going to be hot before we went but oh my, there is literally no air. My best way to describe it is to put your head into an oven. Even the sea was boiling hot and it was incredibly stuffy. I wish I would have gone at a bit of a colder time but nevertheless, inside had air conditioning and it gave me an excuse to look around all of the malls (which were great!!) So my second tip is to stay hydrated and if you're like me and awful with the heat, go when it is a little bit cooler.

Now since I already mentioned the Malls.. why not mention it some more. We visited two malls, The Mall of Emirates and The Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall was easily my favourite, as like most of Dubai, it takes your breath away. The Aquarium and swarm of people surrounding it, is overwhelming as soon as you walk in, there are shops everywhere and so many restaurants and stores to suit everyone. You feel yourself just standing and looking around for a while in awe. The only downside was that the pound to the dirim isn't all that great so most things were quite expensive but if you have another currency this might not be a problem!

The views are definitely worth a look, we went up the Burj Khalifa during the day and it was such a stunning view. You can pay for various floor levels to suit yourself, and even if you don't want to go up to the sky deck (we never) you can still see eveything perfectly fine! They love a good photo opportunity in there so be prepared to be pulling all sorts of faces and moves infront of a green sceen, and although we didn't buy any of the photos, we still had a bit of a laugh at them.

Dubai was such a culture change for me and it took me a while to get used to. I like to walk around so the gigantic motorways everywhere weren't exactly in my favour. However, I still feel like Dubai has a lot more to offer that I never got to experience so I would love to go again maybe in Spring or Autumn.

Have you ever been? What did you make it?

Emma :) 

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I decided to post my favourite fragrances- girls, you can thank me later.

I'm quite simple when it comes to perfume, I get headaches if it's too strong so I usually go for floral scents, hopefully, you can find something you like from my collection.

1. Chanel Chance. RRP £49+ This is my most recent perfume and it was given to me from my boyfriend for Christmas. It has a sophisticated feel to it.. or smell I should say, it's not really like any of my others as it isn't quite floral, yet it's not strong or sweet either. I think this would suit most people and for that reason, it's top of the list.

2. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb. RRP £50+  This is definitely a floral scent. It would be a bit stupid if it wasn't really! I know that Viktor and Rolf have since released a newer scent but I just love Flowerbomb. I feel like it's quite long lasting, light and really fresh.

3. Versace Bright Crystal. RRP £35+ I've actually run out of this but it's such a good perfume. It's really good for everyday use, and again it's another light fragrance. This comes in a few varieties but personally, I liked the light pink.  I can't quite put my finger on the scent, but if you're like me and can't really hack a strong perfume all day then this is a good one to go for.